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Eden is the excellent foam for fresh flowers arrangements with great water absorption capacity.


In the Garden of Eden, there were no problems of drought and each flower used to benefit from all the water needed for its life.


With Eden products, this is still possible today. 

After 180 soaking into water, Eden fills with water and does not lose even "a drop", in whatever position it is placed.


Vertically or horizontally, the foam tile guarantees a total well-being of the flowers by progressively releasing the quantity of water needed to keep them fresh for as long as possible.


This aspect not only is beneficial for the flower arrangements, but also guarantees the worktops will no longer be smeared by ugly and uncomfortable patches of water.


This is Eden.

This not.

assorbimento_questo eden questo no.png

Eden foam has superb water retention power and act as a reservoir for flowers.


Its spherical particles take about 3 minutes to fill up and, once imbibed, Eden does release any drop, whatever the position. All type of flowers will be perfectly at ease in the new Eden foam. 

In addition to not losing water, this performing foam does not flake, does not crumble, does not pollute and is not toxic (OECD 209, Test 84) because acid-free.

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