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What is Dry Pulito?


Resine Isolanti has created a new generation of Dry foam products. Laboratory researchers have developed a new revolutionary product called “Eden Pulito” that guarantees florists with an excellent result when decorating with dried flowers, silk ones, fine herbs or even fruits.


The foam tiles have a fundamental characteristic: their surface is dust-free. This new product has been conceived with the aim to ease florists’ duties. Eden Pulito can therefore be easily fixed even with a simple double-sided adhesive tape.


Eden Pulito, has definitively solved the problem of dust, either on work surfaces and for those who use it. Eden Pulito, likewise all the Eden products, respect nature because it is CFC-free, whilst providing with an excellent product even for the most demanding florists. Eden Pulito is fireproof and it is made is self-extinguishing, in order to guarantee safety for usage without compromising on quality and flower work of art rendering. 

Eden Pulito has very little elasticity. It is a rather solid type of foam that guarantees to sustain the heaviest and voluminous flower arrangements, but can be pierceable from both delicate and woody stems.


The Dry foam material is designed on a wide range of shapes and accessories, which allows maximum creativity for the florists as well as an easy to use product signed under the Eden Dry brand.

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