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Eden is the unique foam that will never abandon its user.


In the Eden Garden, no one was scared to grow old. Eden has exactly the same property: the foam maintains its original shape and stays compact in time.


Thanks to its formula and the exclusive production process with which it is made, Eden is an extremely durable and compact sponge: zero friability nor crumbling, Eden maintains these characteristics even when left in water overnight.


Eden is a trustful product, gentle with flowers and resistant over time. Its compact structure offers incomparable resistance to handling, transport and time variables.


From creation to delivery, the flower arrangement will not change and the florist's work will always be perfect, guarantying full customer satisfaction.


This is Eden.

This not.

cedimento_questo eden questo no.png

Eden is the unique foam that does not change quality. The foam composition does not crumble, even when left in water overnight.


The foam maintains its structure unchanged and enables transport of flower arrangements without damaging them.


Eden retains all water absorbed, and has excellent long-lasting moisturizing effect that revitalize flowers along the duration of the botanical arrangement. It is not toxic (according to OECD 209, Test 84), does not pollute and most of all, the foam is made of acid-free materials.

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