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Eden, Instructions for use.


Eden foams are designed to supply the right amount of water needed for each individual flower of the composition, in order to maintain and preserve it fresh and long lasting. 


Eden is the perfect match of raw materials to guarantee a perfect result in all arrangements design: its foam structure is composed of many spherical-shaped cells that have the task conceived to form inter-communicating water reserves. 

This stock of water is progressively released to the flowers that absorb just the right amount of water needed and therefore keeping perfectly for a long period of time.


To obtain the maximum effectiveness of the product, it is necessary to proceed to a correct immersion manipulation:


(1). the tile must be soaked progressively, without ever being pushed under water.

(2). the water absorbed by the spherical cells pushes out the air contained in them.

(3). if Eden foam is forcibly pushed underwater, only the surface sides of the tile are quickly imbibed, causing the air to be pushed into the inner area of the tile and get imprisoned. This will interfere with the correct absorption of water in a homogenous way. 


Although compact and resistant, Eden foams have very rapid absorption times: 60 seconds for Eden Professional; 30 seconds for Eden Rapid Plus; Eden Quality and Eden Privilege only require 120 seconds; and Eden Più 90 seconds.

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