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Eden is the only foam for fresh flowers that does not contain acids.


In the Garden of Eden, pollution problems did not exist. The same happens with our Eden foam because of its acid-free composition


This is also demonstrated by the non-alteration of its colour in time. Only foam that does not contain acids can always keep green; from the moment it is taken out of its packaging until the product’s lifecycle ends.


Before being delivered to florist customers, Eden foam Eden undergoes an “aging” process during which all acid residues are eliminated. This way, it is possible to obtain a product of high quality with a constant neutral pH of 7.

Eden does not pollute, nor alter the environment and does not affect florists with dangerous substances that contain acids. These products are compliant with European directives focusing on strict ecological policies.


This is Eden.

This not.

ACIDO_questo eden questo no.png

Eden foams do not alter their colour. It stays unchanged over time because it is acid-free. Eden is made of a non-toxic foam (according to OECD 209, Test 84) and respects nature because its raw materials are inert on the environment.


Its p His neutral, equal to 7. Flowers will be respected and will last longer, with their stems well protected and hydrated in the Eden foam. Not only this foam is not polluting, it also does not flake, nor crumble and holds all the water it absorbs without losing even a drop of it.

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