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A history based on research to support innovation.

Resine Isolanti O. Diena S.r.l. was founded in Milan in 1929 as a company specialized in civil thermic insulation and in the production of cellular concrete and expanded clay bricks. 

At that time, Resine Isolanti, was among the first to produce using cellular structure, entirely made in Italy. After, Second World War, they created Areocel, the first floral support in the form of a white tile. In 1952, the market expanded and evolved so rapidly that plenty of new possibilities opened the doors of this business, even in the entertainment industry with the production of artificial snow. Today the activity of Resine Isolanti is divided into two major markets: on one hand, the industrial and civil insulation business, and, on the other hand, the one of floral design foams, produced and exported all over the world.

The company's mission focuses on the constant improvement of materials’ performance, without losing control on price competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

In light of continuous analysis of the floral and horticulture industry, Resine Isolanti has developed new product lines of wet foams for fresh cut flower arrangements, and dry foams for artificial and dry floral designs.

Technology for nature.


For more than 80 years, Resine Isolanti has been producing floral foams. Thanks to their dedication and continuous investments in research and development, Resine Isolanti has succeeded in obtaining a high-level product that guarantees the comfort of flowers and facilitates the florist's work.

Eden has the right density: it enables to insert the flower stems easily as well as ensuring stability to the design structure while keeping the freshness of the flowers.

Eden is the only high-quality foam designed for both flowers comfort and environmental sustainability. An eco-friendly high-quality foam is the key principle driving the company’s day to day business: the energies in use for the production are in fact sourced from entirely green resources, generated by the company’s integrated photovoltaic system.

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